Persona 4 : Dancing All Night

Finished playing this game a few weeks back.

This game is a direct sequel to the Persona 4 Golden. It starts from the Summer Holiday and the end of Persona 4 Golden.
Basically the story is about a group of Idols who went missing just before a music festival. While searching for them, Narukami and the gang is getting sucked into a new world called, Mayonaka Stage. In that world, you can attack the shadow with weapons or anything else, but you can only defeat them with musics and dances.
The persona team really makes a bold move in making this game. Because it’s an Otoge and it’s rival is Project Diva for sure. But thanks to all of their effort, I can say that this game is a success.

Plus point:
– Persona 4 Music in a lot of different kind of remix? All of them are awesome. I really like P4 OST, I even use “Reach Out To The Truth” as my ringtone till now. And I believe that this is the first time they make a full version of Junes Theme with lyrics. I enjoy every music in the game. And if you are a fan of Shoji Meguro’s music, don’t even hesitate buying this game.
– Great graphics! Okay, I must say that the in game dance video is really really good. I mean the character’s movement and face details are really great. It’s better than Project Diva 2 imho. Also you can change their clothes and accessories as well. I made my Narukami into some 70’s gangster with that 70’s Shade.

Minus point:
– Boring story. Seriously, the story follows a similar pattern from one chapter to another chapter. Although the ending was quite unpredictable, the story was kind of meh to me. But i should have see that coming. It’s a dancing game after all.
– The game isn’t Full Voice. I thought it will be full voiced, considering all you get is just some scene to scene conversation, but turns out that no voice at all other than Movie cutscene or ingame voice. Too bad.

The verdict:
Even though this game don’t have any great story that you can brag abut, it packs serious punches on the music and graphics. I totally recommend this game for those who loves P4 series also those who looks for some cool Music game. 8/10 for me.


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