Free Lootbox for all Overwatch Player


*updated :
Yet someone on Reddit said if you received 11 lootboxes as free today, it’s a confirmed bug. But you can keep them! So It’s not an apology for DDoS attacks.
Recently, only PC’s players got those lootbox not consoles players.

After hit 7 million players on BETA test and brought 15 million players till now, Overwatch is a successful FPS (first person shooter) based team work aka so many people call it Hero Shooter on the market now.

Couple weeks back Overwatch or especially battle net faced issue such as DDoS and players screwed up. Recently, Blizzard is trying to apologize the fans or player of Overwatch with compensation that give 11 lootbox. Even though Blizzard hasn’t released any official announcement yet, but some people on internet give a rumour that free lootbox for all players who have facing that issue.

Take a note that 11 lootboxes is worth $10 bucks. So much win!

Those lootboxes will automatically go into your inventory. So for you guys who’ve been playing this game, check your lootbox inventory now!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Miguel Fontes says:

    I want those. Really.


  2. Yaaja says:

    plss codee


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