Jakarta Game Fest 2016


So… In USA they have E3, in Japan they have Tokyo Game Show for their own game show/festival, and here in Indonesia, called Jakarta game fest. Which is festival for all games and gamers include all  news for console, arcade, trading card game and mobile gaming.

The festival that being promoted by Sacca production & AdvanceGuard in Jakarta is aiming to bring all game communities in Indonesia together .Not huge or vast as E3 and TGS but quite big for gaming community event.




Here, some highlight events that you can find :

– Fighting game tournament.

sfv_beta_restart For you guys who love fighting games, you have a chance to join StreetFighter V that featured by Abuget Cup (official StreetFighter V International tournament and part of CAPCOM pro tour circuit).

– FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) tournament.

Or if your hobby is playing soccer in the big screen, JGF provide you FIFA and PES tournament.

Those two just the beginning of the festival show.
And many events like :

  • Pokemon trading card & video game tournament.
  • Final round of Indonesia Shiversteel Vainglory League
  • Cosplay competition
  • DJ THROOPER performance
  • Retro games exhibition
  • Arcade amusement by MG Electronic
  • Bazzare
  • and many more

poster jgf2016

Jakarta Game Festival is being held on October 1st and 2nd 2016 (mark your calendar)
At Kuningan City Hall 3 & 4
Jl. Prof.DR.Satria no.18, Setiabudi
Jakarta, Indonesia

Feel free to join the festival. I’m thewalker01 peace out.


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