Wonder Why There’s a Lack of Aspect in Video Game Industry

I was wondering, did you guys ever think why video game has a lack of something, story or feature in gameplay, that should make the video game special or even better. This post is not represented for all of video games but some of them.

Did the developer team intent to add a lack of the game itself? Did they do it on purpose?

Maybe one of you still don’t get it what I mean, let me tell you with a good example. Did you ever play Persona 3 on PlayStation 2 back then? Persona 3 is the good JRPG released in 2007 that player have to investigate what’s going on in their school with their friends. The school will be changed to tartarus, the name of dungeon in this game, after midnight. The dungeon itself has so many rooms and corridor you have walk through and LOOK THE SAME for each floor. There’s not much detail differences between 1st floor ’til xxx floor, it just has different color of building and pattern of corridor. And you have to grind your party only at this dungeon for the entire of the game. Why?? I mean WHY??? This dungeon looks the same and easily make the player confused to leveling or to lurking around to get better equips and items.


From what I have in my mind, can the developer make this dungeon looks different, unique and has memorable moment? Of course they CAN! Besides the sequel, Persona 4, has this feature too. Do not blame the technology, the old one in 2007, they have to make this game in a smaller size. Do not blame the story, the story force to make the dungeon look the same?? Hell No. Please look at Persona 4 for your reference.

So what do we have from here? I can assume the developer intent to do it. The developers put so many lacks so they can make ANOTHER SEQUEL. After the prequel already released, they got info from the fans or community to make the next game better. So they can make more money, since we know the developer live in a company circumstances and the purpose of company to make a money aka benefit.

But not all of developers are like that, some of them are still good, but just a few. The good developers and company know their role what they have to do, how long the cycle of development for AAA title, how much money what they will get and what they can provide new content in the future.


Why I have to put the Witcher 3 screenshot? Yep! This is one of the good guy developers to make a game. Day by day from the day 1 was released, the game looks so good and even better. I can’t deny it this game has so many objectives and story line they can put in 3-4 years development. So no wonder why this is one example of huge success in video game industry. I don’t want to compare Witcher 3 and Persona 3, it’s too far different. Please look at the developer team from one-single perspective.

So basically, the developer team must think what next upcoming feature, the loveable for fans and attract new player, to make the series continue. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.


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