PS4 System Software 4.00 “Shingen” To Be Released On 13th September

Finally all of us can enjoy “Shingen” starting today. The System Software 4.00, codename “Shingen” will finally be released on 13 September 2016, today.

The features that were announced previously:

  • UI Refresh
  • Quick Menu
  • Share Menu
  • Folders & Library Organization
  • Trophy Improvements
  • User Profile

for more details of the previously announced features, you can check it here on PlayStation Blog.

As per today they just announced some new features that wasn’t on the Beta version.

  • Quick Menu – Music
    In addition to updating the Quick Menu to make it easier to access without leaving your game by having it cover only a portion of the screen and making it more customizable, we’ve also added several new items to the menu. One new addition to the Quick Menu that wasn’t featured in the beta program is an enhanced Music section to allow you to discover, play, and control Spotify without needing to open the app.From the Music section of the Quick Menu you’ll now be able to play, pause, skip, shuffle, repeat and save songs. The Music section also allows you to discover recommended playlists for the game you’re playing and view your saved Spotify playlists and songs. When you select a playlist, you’ll be able to see all upcoming songs and choose to play all, or select an individual song to listen to from that playlist.The PlayStation Music team and Spotify have been working with your favorite game creators to create playlists to enhance your gameplay. Follow PlayStation Music on Spotify to get the latest gaming playlists first.
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Updates
    In anticipation of the release of PS4 Pro on November 10, 2016, we’re adding a number of features that will support the system’s ability to output high-resolution content. This update will enable the following on PS4 Pro:

    • 1080p streaming for Remote Play on PC/Mac and compatible Xperia devices
    • 1080p streaming for Share Play
    • 1080p 30/60fps live broadcasting on YouTube (FINALLY!)
    • 1080p 30fps live broadcasting on Twitch
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
    When we announced PS4 Pro and the new slimmer PS4 last week, we also announced that all PlayStation 4 systems — back to the very first console sold in 2013 — would be HDR capable. After updating your system to version 4.00, you’ll see HDR settings in the Video Output Settings and be ready to enjoy HDR gaming and entertainment content once it’s available on any PS4 system you own. Of course, you’ll need an HDR compatible display as well.
  • What’s New
    What’s New has been redesigned and now includes more information about what your friends have been doing on PS4.The left column includes the new Activity Feed, which has larger images and easily accessible options to like, comment, or reshare. The right column includes sections for Now Playing, Trending, Players You May Know, and Who to Follow.
  • Content Info Screen
    We’ve given a similar redesign to the content info screen, which you can access by pressing down on a game tile while on the home screen. You’ll be able to easily select from a variety of options to view a game’s Overview, Trending media, Friends and Communities, Activities, and related PlayStation Store content.
  • Data Transfer to New PS4
    In order to make it easier to get all of your data from one PS4 to another, especially if you upgrade to PS4 Pro, we’ve added the ability to transfer data over a wired LAN connection. You can transfer games, user info, and saved data. Of course, you can re-download content and transfer saves through the cloud, but the LAN transfer should be much faster and easier.

source : PlayStation Blog

System Software 4.00 “Shingen” will be available later on today.



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