Berserk Musou New “Berserker Guts” Gameplay Trailer

Koei Tecmo just released a new gameplay video of “Berserker Guts” in action. Check the video below.

Gifted to Guts by Flora, the Berserker Armor acts as his trump card against powerful enemies. When used, it completely numbs his senses to pain, and enhances his every movement. Guts is able to do multiple somersaults even while wielding the heavy armor and wielding the Dragonslayer. The armor itself unlocks the user’s muscles, allowing them to use their full strength, at the risk of permanent damage to both their body and mind. Guts is either under the influence of his inner beast or kept sane by Schierke, as hinted by Daiba that there’s a power difference when he loses his rage state. With the help of the Berserker Armor, Guts is able to crack Grunbeld’s diamond-like exterior, and make quick work of multiple enemies like the Makara.


Berserk Musou will be released in Japan on 27 October 2016 for PS4, PS3, & PS Vita.


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