Final Fantasy XV New Info Emerges from Dengeki PlayStation Premium Event・33 Minutes Japanese Gameplay Video Revealed

Final Fantasy XV Dengeki PlayStation Premium was held today, and was divided into 3 sections.

12:00 – 13:00 FFXV Universe Special Stage
14:00 – 15:00 Active Time Report
16:00 – 17:00 Final Fantasy XV Special Talk Stage

During this event, some new informations have emerged and some of it are confirmed by Tabata.

  • The one who sits in the throne on Chapter 0 is indeed Ifrit.
  • Ifrit is not the last boss.
  • The second half of the game is kinda linear because they will travel with train, hence the limited exploration.
  • Chocobo has level now, though we don’t know how it will affect the gameplay.
  • Justice Monster Five will be released on 30 August worldwide for IOS & Android. PC Version will be released later on.
  • Brotherhood Episode 5 is a continuous story of Episode 1 and a little bit of it’s prequel.
  • Brotherhood Episode 5 will be released during Tokyo Game Show 2016.
  • Final Fantasy XV will have multiple language and voice support inside the game. Regardless of the region, you can choose the voice and subtitle language you want to play it on.
  • Nyx will appear on the main game in “some form” according to Tabata. Probably someone will mentioned him in the game or something that can relate us to Nyx. But definitely not Nyx himself. 

Also a new video gameplay with japanese dub of the “Master Version” was released after the event. It’s basically similar to the one before, but shorter. It only contains 33 minutes with a new battle scene with Griffon and some new footages. Check the video below.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on 29 November 2016 for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.


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