What Changes in Battle Demo Ver 2.0?

Together with the website’s update, SEGA also published the change log for Battle Demo Ver 2.0. It’s based on the critics and comments received from the feedback from Battle Demo Ver 1.0. So what really changes in Battle Demo Ver 2.0? Let’s check the list below.

  • Battle / General Improvement

  1. Encount is removed
  2. Implementation of Movement Gauge (Active Time Battle)
  3. Revised the standing position for using guns
    *Also improve the damage made by guns
  4. Time will stop when you choose which skills you want to use.
  5. Changed the effectiveness of 【Emotion】system (Also the condition for triggering it)
  6. There will be stages for 【Emotion】system. (Stage 1,2,3,etc)
  7. Improved leveling system
  8. Improved the effectiveness of different attacks to enemies
  9. Fixed the camera movement
  10. Fixed the Result & Evaluation System
  11. Changed the tempo of the game from “Active” to a slower pace that give us time to think
  12. Making the game a much more interesting RPG game.
  • Battle / Action Movement Improvement

  1. Increased movement speed of the characters
  2. Increased key response
  3. Dash implementation
  4. Guard implementation
  5. Removed attack by mashing button. You can make combination attack with 1 action now
  6. Removed the usage of △ button for special attack
  7. Attack range is visible now
  8. Enemy status is visible (Already fought or unknown enemies)
  9. Skill effect and area effect is visible now
  • Battle / AI・Teammates Improvement

  1. Party members changed from 3 to 4 characters
  2. You can give a direct order to your teammates
  3. You can customize the order guideline
  4. Implementation of action appeal
  5. Improved teammates AI
  6. Improved enemies AI
  • Battle / Map & Event Improvement

  1. Implementation of Map gimmick (Earthquake, etc)
  2. A much better map action
  3. A much better feel of “War”
  4. Implementation of Item Box
  5. Implementation of Supply Point
  • Graphic & Sound Improvement

  1. Improved 【GOUACHE】engine.
  2. Improved Sound Engine
  3. Improved Effect
  4. Improved Character Models
  • Option & Interface Improvement

  1. A much better option
  2. Revised key assignment
  3. A new battle UI
  4. Improved Mini-map
  5. Displaying the strategy map
  • Others

  1. Implementation of Story Event
  2. More than 10 Playable Characters
  3. Implementation of Difficulty select
  4. Implementation of Classes, Weapons, & Skills
  5. Customizable Weapons & Skills
  6. Implementation of Indoor Fight
  7. Implementation of Day/Night system
  8. BGM will have wider variation
  9. Implementation of a Dandy character (Male)
  10. Omit the Spats of Ophelia

And those are the change log from Battle Demo Ver 1.0 to Battle Demo Ver 2.0. Quite a long list, so we can expect a much better gameplay and system on the 2.0 demo.

Valkyria : Azure Revolution will be released in Japan on 19 January 2017, while the Battle Demo Ver 2.0 will be available on TGS2016. You can get the PSN Code from SEGA booth in Tokyo Game Show 2016. Those who already downloaded Demo Ver 1.0, won’t need the PSN code to play the Battle Demo Ver 2.0. Tell us what do you think of the game on the comment section below.



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