Sen no Kiseki III / Trails of Cold Steel III Rean’s New Design emerges on Tokyo Xanadu eX+

Sen no Kiseki III / Trails of Cold Steel III Announcement Banner

As some of you probably have heard, Sen no Kiseki III or is known as Trails of Cold Steel III in the western region, is in production now. On the latest edition of Dengeki Playstation, a new image of Rean’s Design emerges.

Promotional Poster of Sen no Kiseki III on Star Camera (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)

You can see that Rean is wearing a new white coat which is similar to Crowe’s black coat from the previous two games.
Apparently this promotional poster can be found inside Tokyo Xanadu eX+ inside an area called Star Camera. This is confirmed to be an official design of Rean on Sen no Kiseki III / Trails of Cold Steel III by Nihon Falcom CEO, Mr.Kondo, on an interview between Dengeki Playstation & Mr.Kondo.

We are excited about Rean’s new journey. Let us know what you think about this character design on the comment section below.

Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki III / Trails of Cold Steel III will be released on 2017 in Japan on PS4. It’s unknown whether the game will be released on PS Vita or not.


12 Comments Add yours

    1. erickhanz says:

      Really hope that they will release it next year


      1. Jack says:

        I want to know if Trails of cold steel will be released for Playstation 3 because I have the saves of the finished game of Trails of cold steel 2 it would be a shame if all of this work was for nothing.


      2. erickhanz says:

        Too bad, we still don’t know for sure.

        As we all know, Falcom’s CEO wants to make it a PS4 exclusive.

        So i don’t think there will be a PS3 version, but probably a Vita one.


      3. osdudutz says:

        If there’s an update for each platform will be great, an update can be cross-saved each platform hopefully


  1. awsheittttt says:

    Hype as fuck. Kill me, im dying due to hype


  2. yay says:

    Really hype for this


  3. Bigboss says:

    please fix alisa’s hair…


  4. with “things” going on I wonder what will happen, rean looks kinda set on his path.


    1. erickhanz says:

      I think that Rean will become a Bracer. There was a lot of hint about that on the 2nd game.


  5. joebob says:

    I can’t wait for it to come out!!


  6. Rktekrvn says:

    Vita please! I have saves of ToCS 1 and 2 on my vita 😦


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