Final Fantasy XV “Master Version” 53 Minutes Gameplay Video

Square Enix just released a new gameplay video as mentioned by Director Tabata on his apology video due to the delay of the release date from September 30 to November 29.
The “Master Version” gameplay was shown on Gamescom 2016,  yesterday.
According to Tabata, “Master Version” is the version before the day one patch.

The video is 53 minutes length, and it consists of Chapter 1 to 3 (With lots of cut here and there). Basically it shows the mechanism of the game, including Quests, Hunts, Fishing, Camping, Skill Grid, and lots more. Check out the video below here.
[SPOILER ALERT : Watch on your own risk]

Inside the video, it shows a little bit older version of Noctis, hinting that there might be a time-skip in the game. The gameplay video is taken from both Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions.

Nevertheless, the video looks great and the game seems awesome. As Director Tabata said, they will include a day one patch in the game that will improve the game. Making it a much better game from the master version.
We personally are very interested in Final Fantasy XV and can’t wait for the release this november. Let us know what you think of the gameplay video on the comment section below.

Final Fantasy XV will be released worldwide on November 29 for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.


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