Crows : Burning Edge New PV & Character Trailer

Crows : Burning Edge will be released on October 27 in Japan. Together with that announcement, Bandai Namco revealed a new Promotion Video for the game. Check the video below.

Together with it,  Character Trailer of Harumichi Boya was announced as well.

Along with the new trailers, some new information are revealed as well.
The theme song of the game is 「SiM – CROWS」.

The Four Kings get their own theme songs as well.
– Harumichi Boya 「SiM – Killing Me」
– Kunou Ryuushin 「MIYAVI – What’s My Name?」
– Tatsuya Bitou 「9mm Parabellum Bullet – Cold Edge」
– Bull Dog 「10-FEET – Super Stomper」

This game will include :

  • “Story Mode”
    You play as Harumichi Boya, and fight your way to the top of Suzuran.
  • “Another Story Mode”
    You make your own character, become a fresh-man in Suzuran and participate in a whole new story, trying to take the top of Suzuran. The story is supervised by Takahashi Hiroshi, the mangaka of CROWS & WORST.

We’re expecting Crows : Burning Edge and will give a full review after we play the game.
Please let us know whether you are expecting the game or not on the comment section below.



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