Crows : Burning Edge will be Released on October 27 in Japan. First Press DLC Revealed.

Crows : Burning Edge was announced September last year by Bandai Namco. Based on the information from online store such as Amazon Japan & Rakuten, they revealed that the release date for the game is on October 27. Along with the information of the 1st Press DLC, which is called “Sono Go no Crows” or literally translated into “Crows : After Story”

First Press DLC, “Crows : After Story”

Based on the information from the official site, “Crows : After Story” will connect the dot between Crows & Worst, as it’s a short episode with Hanagi Guriko as the main character. (Hanagi Guriko is Suzuran’s top after Harumichi Boya and will appear as one of the main character in WORST). With this, we can expect that WORST will come to PS4 as well as the sequel.

Crows : Burning Edge  will relive your experience as Harumichi Boya, a newly transferred high school sophomore at Suzuran All-Boys High School. Wits and endurance are the only school supplies necessary. Tests are taken on the battlefield, and only those left standing pass.
If you missed the first trailer of the game, check it down here.

We’re expecting Crows : Burning Edge and will give a full review after we play the game.
Please let us know whether you are expecting the game or not on the comment section below.


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