Tales of Berseria PS4 Japanese Demo Launch Date & Catalogue 02 Trailer

Bandai Namco just announced that they are releasing a demo for Tales of Berseria on PS4. It will be released on August 4 on Japanese PSN, and it will have “Scenario Mode” & “Battle Mode”.

Left: Scenario mode     Right: Battle mode
  • In Scenario Mode, you can enjoy a lil bit of the story while doing some battle, field exploration and enjoying the new “Chat System” (Skit).

    You found an ancient document and just arrived in Maricle beach. Find someone who can decipher it while exploring the area.

  • In Battle Mode, you can enjoy the battle part of the game, and only the battle.

    There’s a strong Goma appearing on the Beild Swamp. Subdue it at once.

Also they released a new trailer for the costumes DLC.
If you missed the first catalogue trailer, here it is.

And here is the Second Catalogue trailer.

Tales of Berseria is set to be released in Japan on August 18.
And for the western market on Early 2017.


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